Are Sex Toys Hotter To Use When Used with Oil?

Are Sex Toys Hotter To Use When Used with Oil?

Tips if you want to use sex toys in the couple

Although many ladies fear that their men may feel injured and offended by a vibrator, statistics show that this is not the case. On the contrary, gentlemen seem very willing to satisfy their partners, so they automatically become open to any idea accordingly. The sex experts site offers four tips on how to use sex toys and how you can follow to make it easier for you to share sex toys.

1. Let her choose it

With such a great offer in the field, it’s impossible to know exactly what you would like your partner to do. Best, let her propose and choose the one that suits her best. Studies indicate any way that women prefer clitoral stimulation the most, so if you decide to make a surprise, consider this detail.

2. Use lubricant

There is a considerable lubrication surplus. Do not hesitate to use it without reservation! It’s the basis of surprising sex! No matter which toy you use, a lubricant will create great sensations.

3. Sex in three

Yes, in three: you, your partner and the little vibrator. It’s a trio that cannot be sexually conquered by any other combination! Especially if you use it in a significant way, such as on the back, from which you can use the full vibrator, your orgasms will be devastating!

4. Courage and action!

If both of you are open to trying new things, virtually nothing else can no longer keep you from the actual action! Change your positions, depending on your favourite sex toys, use them together, use stimulating condoms, proper lubrication, and everything will be great for you.

Monotony kills all desire – this is familiar to many couples. Those who want to keep their feelings at their best are always looking for something new for themselves, opening up the endless possibilities of sex. Role-playing games, long petting and even trips to a sex therapist! All this is nice, but many have forgotten about one new category of entertainment. Sex toys for two can revive your former passion and even experience unexplored orgasmic sensations.

The main rule of breathtaking sex – forget about saving! If earlier you avoided sex shops and even scornfully threw your opinion towards such institutions, then reconsider your opinion. It is here on attractive stands you can find sex toys for two that will satisfy your needs. As a last resort, you will have a chance to try something new, and this experience may be invaluable!
Out of doubt in adult toys!
Toys for adults have long been poured into our lives, but along with them came to a variety of arguments, which are often not even supported by facts. Let’s look at the myths, and we will dispel them!

Sex toys are needed for those who have no partners or have serious problems.

A large number of couples use sex toys for two! They are needed to bring fresh and new sensations into intimate life. Gadgets get in 80% of cases, on the contrary, those who do not have any difficulties. Toys help to explore all the erogenous zones of the partner.

Sex toys for two are addictive.

Such devices are completely harmless! There is a small nuance: if a girl too often uses the same vibrator, then her sex organs get used to it and become less sensitive. This may adversely affect sexual intimacy with a real man. However, with the optimal approach, sex toys for two will benefit!

She has a toy! A man is no longer needed.

Even if a sexy gadget resembles the exact forms of male or female genital organs – it can never replace the “original”! Nature is nature. To use the inventions of humanity both together and alone with you will not hurt!

The more expensive, the better!

This is indeed not necessary! Some sex toys for two in the average price range can give an unforgettable pleasure not worse than the most sophisticated devices. The main thing is quality.

Your toys are a perversion!

A small share of debauchery in the bedroom between two loving hearts is not a crime. On the contrary – it is entirely reasonable. This is especially true for couples who have been together for a long time. Such relationships need some innovations!

Set of sex toys for two

Sex experts turn to the most important thing. They have compiled a list of the best sex toys that will help you experience new sensations with your soul mate.

Erection ring

This device is worn on the base of the penis and helps not only the man to restrain his ardour, but also gives pleasure to the woman. The thing is that often erection rings contain a built-in vibrating massager. This allows the stimulation of the most sensitive female point.


Foreplay is essential in a relationship; therefore, to enhance the effect, individual nozzles for fingers were created. There are static with different relief, and there are vibrating nozzles. Such sex toys for two will achieve the most sensual petting.


It differs from the familiar vibrator. This device allows you to play with the whole body of your partner or partner. No need to rush! First, let the flexible, vibrating head pass through all the most erogenous zones, and only then be used in more intimate proximity.

Anal stimulator

This is a kind of vibrator that has an anatomical shape. It is this very form that makes it painlessly enjoyable for both women and men. Remember that not only the fair sex can use such a device. No wonder the anal stimulator belongs to the category of sex toys for two. Men have a prostate gland, a massage which can lead not only to excitement but also help get rid of stagnation. However, this must be approached very tactfully and most importantly with knowledge of the matter!

Remote toys

Sex toys for two have become much more popular thanks to the remote control. It does not matter what you get: a clitoral stimulator, a vibro-egg, a butt plug for intense cumming or a vibrating ring. The main thing is that “wearing a toy” you hand over the reins to your second half. First of all, the one who uses the toy will be very, very pleased, as well as receive indescribable sensations. Note-worthy of this is the vibrating plug for all ages. What will get the one who will manage all this process? It’s pretty simple! Watching how your partner (partner) is trembling with excitement or coming to the top of sensations, feeling desire and most importantly feeling like a master of the situation is the peak of bliss. Also, this process is fascinating.


Sex toys for two require special care. Therefore, be sure to purchase specialised cleaning products! Also, do not forget to take care of a pleasant slip. So you should think about lubricants and lubricants.