Oily Story

Surprise surprise

Written: pumpkin2807

I quickly removed my stilettos along with the my shirt and trousers, after a long and hectic day at the office.

Sam had gone to lakeside city for some official purpose and so I was all alone. Finally I had some time to spend with myself I thought. I turned on the tap water to lukewarm side, water starts filling the tub. I added some of the exotic bath salts and slipped into a bath gown. I headed to my room, making sure all the doors and windows are locked, connecting my Samsung Note 5 to the Stereo via bluetooth, Song starts blaring through the speakers.

“I don’t care, I love it!!!”
I started singing at the top of my voice, dancing my way to the kitchen. I took out a champagne bottle and drew my self a glass which i took to the bathroom. Keeping aside the champagne glass I removed the bathrobe infront of the mirror analysing my body.
My long luscious black hair with blonde highlights reaches the small of my back. Cute small eyes, pink plum lips. Not so visible collar bone. 36-C breasts of which I am quite proud of. A narrow waist to complement my long legs.
I made my way to the bathtub, closing the tap I put my right foot in the tub analysing the water. I slowly sat down in water feeling the warmth spread all over me. Bubbles spreading all over the water surface.
Music changed to a slower track, I took a sip of the champagne and rested my head on the head rest. Bathsalts doing wonders to my skin. I moved my hands from the side and started to massage my breasts. Standing up on my knees with soap bubbles hiding my nipples (which i thought was kinky) I massaged both my breasts with my hands, nipples getting harder with each simulation. I could feel myself getting wet.
A moan escaped my mouth. My hands moved subconsciously to my pussy. I moved my middle finger over my crack. “Mmmmm” another moan escaped my mouth.
I slid my finger into my pussy only to discover that I was fucking damn wet. I spread my knees apart so i get all the access required. I slowly inserted another finger and started to pump them in and out. I could feel my orgasm building up inside me. I was close, rubbing my clit with my left hand and pumping my two fingers in and out I came quickly.

I pulled my fingers and relaxed in the hot tub. After sometime I stood up putting on my bathrobe , I drained the water and made my way to my room.

I opened my secret drawer compartment and searched for my vibrator. I was soo horny and needed a good release. I took the vibrator along with the dildo that Sam had given me. I sat down on the bed removing my bath robe. The music still playing in the background adding to the sensation. I owned a set of exotic oils with awesome fragrance. I opened the bottle of one such oil with Rose and Lavender fragrance and started massaging the oil on my body. Starting with my feet I made my way up my body. I massaged the oil neatly onto my knees then my thighs,carefully moving my hands along my inner thighs.
Moaning as I dropped some drops of the oil on my breasts. Lying down I started massaging my breasts. Pleasure increasing inside my body. My pusy wet and horny. I turned the vibrator on and placed it against my clit. Gasping at the sudden pressure, I came instantly.
I started moving the vibrator up and down on my clit as i neared another orgasm. With the free hand i held the dildo and kept it at the entrance of my pussy. It slid easily inside me. It felt so different to be filled by something else other than Sam.
My hands and knees going week i could not control the toys any more and I came squirting all over my bed.
Just wen i thought I had enough for the night I felt the vibrator against my clit.
I jumped up in shock.

“You look soo beautiful pleasuring yourself!” Sam exclaimed in a deep voice.
“Mmmmmmm” was my only response as the vibrator made me moan again.

I tried to stand up to get my bathrobe to cover myself but my knees gave away. “When?? .. H How? Dddid you come inside??? ” was all i could manage.
Sam smirked as he removed his blue shirt and mustard coloured trousers while making his way to the bed.His proud shaft sprung as soon as he removed his boxers. He climbed on to the bed and lay on top of me, inhaling the scent of the oil combined with sweet smell of my pussy.
“I came about half hour ago, but with music you didnot hear the lock turn, and when I came here I saw the most incredible view that I wanted to see.”
Sam said making an eye contact with me. I blushed when I found that he was watching me all the time.
He heard me moaning his name even without him.

Sam’s dick pressing against my wet pussy was making me wet yet again. He shifted his weight and stood up. He went on his fours, kissing me with all the passion and lust.
I kissed him back, his tongue made its way into my mouth, he tasted of beer. Sam kissed me while his hands kneaded my breasts. He pinched my breasts making them red and my nipples turning hard. He twisted my left nipple as he took the right one in his mouth. He lightly bite the nipple making my moan.
Pleasure building up inside my stomach. My pussy was burning with desire.
“Sam mmm!!”
” Sam i need you in me!”

Sam obliged my requests as he put a pillow under my ass to raise my pussy in the air. He adjusted himself at the opening of the pussy and slit inside easily. I groaned as his dick started pumping in and out. With my orgasm near by , I came soon enough.

Sam had a amused expression on his face which caught me off gaurd. He removed his dick from inside of me and held the dildo lying on the bed in his hand. He flipped me over so I couldn’t see what he was planning on doing and asked me to go doggie style.
He entered me from back and startrd moving back and forth. He tugged my hair sometimes, while playing with my breasts. He increased his speed as he made me come again. I had lost the count of times i had orgasmed the night. Each orgasm bigger than the previous one.
Sam then slowed down but didnot pull out of me. He lubed up the dildo and kept it at the entrance of my asshole. He pushed the dildo along with his dick into my ass and my vagina. Making me scream at the top of my voice. The pain was unbearable. But the thpught of being filled by two things at the same time was amusing. He started to pump himself in and out while slowly and carefully pumping the dildo in and out of my ass. He soon found his rhythm.
Pain turned into pleasure within few moments. Moans escaped my mouth. Sam controlled my body. Pleasure building up inside my stomach.
“I will cum soon!”sam said.
And we both came together.
My knees gave away and we both fell on the bed.