What can i expect from Polished Cousins?

You can expect to learn different types of oil and lubricant that can be use during sex.

What type of lubricant is appropriate for you?

There are three general types of intimate lubricants. You have a choice and determine which one is most suitable for you.

Silicone lubricants contain only silicones, no water. They are the longest lasting, provide extended glide, do not dry out and are also water-resistant. They are not absorbed by the skin or mucous membranes. This makes them ideal for longer sex sessions and for use in water, such as the pool, since they do not readily rinse away. These products have a more concentrated texture and are also ideal in the absence of natural lubrication.

Water based lubricants contain little or no silicone. They have a lighter, wetter feel than silicone-based lubricants due to added humectants, and they are ideal for enhancing natural lubrication. They are safe for use with all sex toys, and are easily washable from skin or fabrics. The consistency of water-based lubricants can range from an easy-to-pour liquid to a more concentrated gel, and they are relatively long lasting.

Hybrid lubricants consist of a blend of water, clear or cream emulsifiers, and silicone. Hybrids are ideal for enhancing natural lubrication, are longer lasting than water-based formulas, and have a uniquely soft, velvety feel. They are easily washable from skin or fabrics, they are safe for most sex toys and may also be used for light massage.

Do I need to add lube if I’m using lubricated condoms?

YES. Although most are pre-lubricated, you should add a few more drops to the outside and the inside of the condom before putting it in or on the body. Remember to make sure that the type of lube you are using is compatible with the type of condom you are using.

Can I use lube with my sex toys?

Absolutely, you can and you should be especially if these are being inserted into a body!

**However, it is essential to make sure that the type of lube you are using is compatible with the material that the sex toy/object is made from.**

Can you use flavoured lube for anal and vaginal sex and/or masturbation?

Flavoured lube is best used on the outside of the body. Many (not all) flavoured lube use sugar in the flavouring and the sugar can cause an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina, vulva or rectum.

What about these lubes that heat up or cool down or that promise a reaction when used together?

The ingredients that are usually used in these types of lubes are synthetic and can cause a range of reactions in users. Some people report positive and pleasurable experiences while others report genital irritation, numbing or burning sensations that were the exact opposite of what they were hoping for! Again, a good idea to try them on a less sensitive area on your and your partner’s body before you try them in the genitals.

What about coconut oil as a lube?

While coconut oil is an incredibly versatile product that can be used for many things; it has not been officially studied as lube for genitals at this time and is better suited for external use.


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