Water-Based lubes or Oil-Based lubes? Which one is better?

When it comes to sex or masturbation, all we think about is pleasure. And that’s okay. Sexual intercourse should be about fulfilling our innermost carnal needs. However, no one thinks about whether things can go smoother than they do. Both men and women tend to forget how important it is to let the juices flow to have an enjoyable experience. It’s only when things start to hurt that lubricants come to mind.


Sure enough, both male and female bodies produce liquids to make things work, but it’s not always enough. Due to many reasons, our body can’t follow our dirty thoughts, so we end up dry and unable to enjoy smooth penetration. Luckily, that’s where industrial lubes come into play. Some of the most popular are oil and water-based. But having more than one choice isn’t necessarily the best. So, let’s find out which of these two to pick.

Why Do People Use Lubes?

As we’ve said, for intercourse or masturbation that includes penetration to work, a penile-like object needs to go inside a hole. Of course, in the context of heterosexual relationships, the hole is either a vagina or the anus. However, both of these have their limits and can be quite tight. And showing something inside them can be more than a hurtful experience. Our bodies’ reactions to this are male precum and female vaginal juices.


Unfortunately, our bodies don’t always produce enough of these liquids. This can occur due to a myriad of reasons. From not feeling like it at a particular moment to having medical issues like vaginal dryness, artificial lubrication becomes a must. These days, you can find numerous types of lube on the market. They range from classic water-based ones to shiny and nice-smelling oil products.

Why Should You Use Water-Based Lubes

When it comes to lube comparisons, the first kind we need to mention is water-based lube. In essence, it poses the least risk for users. The chance of experiencing an allergic reaction while using water-based lube is as close to zero as possible. However, that’s not the only reason why it’s a favorite for so many people.

Water-based lube goes well with all other materials. By this, we mean that you don’t have to worry about using latex condoms, as they’ll work just fine together. Additionally, water-based lubricant is easy to clean, which is a major pro if you ask us. But there’s still a con to it. Namely, it dries out pretty fast, meaning you’ll need lots even for an average session.

How to Use Water-Based Lube Better

In case you have sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to use water-based products. But it’s not just enough to say that — we need to clarify a few things as well. The best way to reduce friction while using water-based lube is to use as much as you can. But not just on the anus or vagina, through which the penis or sex toy should go. Pour it over everything.


Namely, the more lube you use, the less friction you’ll feel. This is especially important if you’re looking to enjoy anal play. Regardless of whether you’re using a toy — plugs, beads, or prostate massagers — or your partner is going to penetrate you with their penis, both of you should cover your genitals in water-based lube. It’s that simple.

Why Should You Use Oil-Based Lubes

There are two main reasons why someone would use oil-based personal lubricants. Firstly, oil-based products are great for massages. And if you think about it, massages are actually a great way to get yourself into the mood before sex. On the other hand, unlike water-based lubes, oil ones last for quite a long time. Hence, you don’t need so much of it.


Nevertheless, there’s another smart reason why people use oil-based lubricants. They come in all kinds of flavors. From classic ones like aloe vera to sweet almond oil, you can choose whichever you enjoy the most. This way, you can make the whole atmosphere much more enjoyable, further relaxing both you and your partner before the deed.

How to Maximize Oil-Based Lubes

The best way to go about oil-based lube is a massage. It’s no wonder why every other porn scene replicates a dirty masseur and a horny client. For example, when you put, let’s say, coconut oil onto your partner’s skin and rub it in deeply, the scent will fill out the room, making for an exotic atmosphere. It will also make oral taste and smell miles better.

Which One Do You Prefer?

Although both types of lube have a purpose, we need to point out which one is better. So, let’s be frank here: no matter how cool some massage oils might smell, they can cause quite a few problems. The first that comes to mind is the fact that they increase the chance of your condom breaking during intercourse. Additionally, oil-based lubes are perfect for spreading sexually transmitted infections due to their chemical composition.


Having said that, it’s pretty obvious that we think water-based lube should be your first choice before anything. Even if you need more of it during an average masturbation session or intercourse, water-based lube compensates for that with a lower price. But it’s not just about the lower cost. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is great if you’re a newbie to lubes. You might not know whether you’re allergic to any of them, so you should stick to the basics.

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