Oiling Up For Sex and Male Chastity

Oiling Up For Sex and Male Chastity

Things to know about the male chastity before getting involved in it

In ancient times, men were allowed to have a mistress, cheat on a spouse with a servant, etc. But times change, and women began to revenge. There were men’s chastity belts. And now men often play the role of the faithful servant. Men’s chastity belts do not even allow men to masturbate. Of course, today they are most often used exclusively for sex games, but some still wear them on their husbands in pursuit of loyalty.

Man’s belts of fidelity are made of leather, plastic and metal. Models are different. The belt of accuracy for the husband is worn directly on the penis. The scrotum remains outside. This miracle device usually closes with a key. In the sex shops, you can also find leashes to the male chastity belt and anchorage to the waist.

If you decide to use the male chastity belt for its intended purpose, and not for sex games, then, in this case, there may be some difficulties. For example, a man may refuse to wear it. Women’s online magazine has compiled a list of recommendations:

  1. Purchase

Most often this step is the most difficult. You need to convince your partner of the need for a belt. You can seduce him with exclusive games. And after the purchase, try to explain to him that if he fulfils your request, then the feelings between you will become stronger, more playful. In no case do not say that you do not trust him. Say that you would feel incredibly unique, being the only one who has control over his penis. Convince him that if you become the keeper of the keys, both of you will become much happier. Add a playful note; say that it will dilute your sex life. If you have decided to purchase, see some items here.

  1. Putting on and locking

Make sure the device is working correctly. To begin, practice closing and opening the lock until you can do it freely. Help your spouse put on a chastity belt against rape according to the instructions. If you did everything right, the fixture would not bring discomfort. It should sit comfortably, allow you to urinate calmly, but it will limit the erection and prevent the hands from accessing the genitals. If nothing interferes, lock the lock.

  1. Changes

The closing of the genitals “on the lock” means the beginning of some physical changes. The most important thing is that now he will urinate by sitting. Secondly, to sleep on his stomach, he will be uncomfortable; he will have to adapt to sleep on his side or back. The addiction comes on day 4-5.

  1. Accepting your new role

Keeping the male chastity belt under control, the girl has many guarantees that her partner is faithful to her. Exception – cunnilingus, anilingus and many other caresses. Now you control his orgasms. Distribute them moderately, in portions, and then even the spouse will be crazy about you, expecting the next sexual contact with gusto.

Chastity Cage – The chastity belt for men

This Gadget is an antonym replica of the chastity belts that were used in the Middle Ages to keep faithful to the wives of the knights who marched to the crusades. What the story does not say is that not all the men were going to fight, since the clerics and those of the Holy Inquisition were not going to war and neither was the blacksmith, who stayed behind as the locksmiths do now 24 hours.

These belts were closed with a key from which the blacksmith made another copy, leaving one in the hands of the husband and the other in the hands of the priest, who had an obligation to open the belt if the husband died in the war or did not return before four years.

Outside the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, the truth and clear is that such a device undermined women, in times where chauvinism prevailed, and women were relegated to the background, and most lacked voice and vote.

Now they run other times and can no longer be considered heretics, but apparently, the chastity cage for the penis is used only to start the laughter on the day of the bachelor party, although it closes with a lock whose key should keep the bride until the return of the groom the next day.

This unusual instrument costs little more than eight euros and to buy it you do not need the inquisitor card. Just look for the chastity belt for men, and in a few days, we can lock the bird.

Types of Material Used

Leather: Devices made from this material are suitable only for session wearing since it is impossible to carry out full hygiene in a leather belt without removing it. The skin itself, regardless of whether it is natural or artificial, will deteriorate from water and become useless from the body’s natural excretions.

With electro-stimulation: The set of such belts of fidelity includes electrodes of conductive rubber, which comfortably fit the penis inside the case. They are connected to the electro-stimulator with a special connecting cable with a plug. Thanks to them, the partner can keep her man in constant tension and punish him for wrongdoing. Electrodes are removable, and the chastity belt can be used without them. Electro-stimulator sold separately.

Also in the stores are chrome models for session wearing and a polycarbonate belt. Some devices already include removable catheters to stimulate the urethra and further limit ejaculation.

How to choose a chastity belt

Men’s belt of fidelity should be selected from specific goals, for example, long wearing or session games preferred material, as well as its size.

To determine the appropriate size of the chastity belt, it is necessary to carry out the following measurements of the penis in a calm, non-erect state:

  • Measure the length of the penis from end to scrotum, which will correspond to the length of the body;
  • Measure the length of the penis from end to pubis. It will be the numbers for the selection of the length of the belt;
  • Measure the circumference of the base of the penis behind the scrotum in the thinnest place, to do this, place a measuring tape between the scrotum and the body, close to the pubis. Girth should be measured tightly, but not tight. At the same time, the skin of the scrotum should be drawn, and not fall into the overlap area of the measuring tape. These numbers correspond to the size of the ring at the base of the penis. In most cases, for the average American penis size, one of the ring diameters from 3.8 cm to 5.1 cm is enough. A more massive ring is required in exceptional cases.

Hope this information will help you to lead a male chastity lifestyle.