How to prolong your vibrating butt plugs quality?

How to prolong your vibrating butt plugs quality?

Even though you were not ready before, you can go for anal play now. It is the best time to explore new things. Anal beads, but plugs, and vibrating butt plugs are making anal much easier and more enjoyable. People are switching to vibrating sex toys to have more fun and better orgasm.

Anal sex toys will always make it easier to enjoy anal sex. That’s why millions of people are buying these things. However, things can get a little unhygienic and problematic if you do not take care of your sex toys. High-quality vibrating butt plugs are designed for prolonged uses. You just need to learn how to maintain these sex toys to prolong their quality.

Choose a perfect vibrating butt plug:

A variety of vibrators are manufactured and sold online. All of them are not designed for anal play. Classic style vibrators do not feature a wider base. Yes, you can put a classic style vibrator in your anus, but it will be a little difficult to keep it out. The muscles around anus naturally clench objects deeper. Suppose you are putting an ordinary vibrator in there, it will get clenched deeper. You will find it quite difficult to get it out.

Choose a vibrating butt plug designed specifically for anal play. It will have a wider base which will prevent that butt plug from getting clenched inside your rectum. Check other key traits of butt plugs to pick the right model for safer play.

Always lubricate butt plugs:

There is no fluid inside your anus to comfort you. It can be a painful experience to push anything inside rectum if no lube is involved. A variety of lubes is available in the market for anal sex.

You should choose a non-silicone lube if you own a vibrating butt plug made of silicone. You can try a silicone-based lubricant if you are using a glass or steel-made butt plug. Some brands produce high-quality lubricants specifically for anal sex. Check those lubes and use it always before putting a vibrating butt plug inside your butthole. It will allow you to enjoy vibrating sensation of butt plugs for a long time.

Learn how to use it properly:

You can go wild when simulating vaginal sex, but not with your rectum. It is an extremely sensitive part of your body. It can easily get damaged and you may suffer from some other disease. Avoid such occurrences, even if you are enjoying anal play with your partner. Go slow, in the beginning, to enjoy it together.

You should perfectly lubricate your vibrating butt plug and anus before putting it inside. That lubricant will eliminate traction and butt plug will slide smoothly. Do not be in a hurry to turn on that vibrator. Let that butt plug reach its limits because your rectum will automatically clench it inside. Turn on the vibrator when you are feeling comfortable.

Keep the vibration intensity low in the beginning and increase it as you feel comfortable and start enjoying anal play. You can push and pull that vibrating butt plug if you are alone and want to simulate anal sex. Go gentle in this process because you can damage your anal walls or sex toy. A little care will make everything awesome for you during the anal play.

Keep your sex toy clean and dry:

It will be an amazing experience to put that butt plug inside your anus and vibrate it. Each session can last longer than the previous one. You will feel completely aroused and then you may experience squirting or a great orgasm. Many users get their vibrating butt plugs out and throw it on the table after using it. That is not the right way of maintaining a sex toy.

The anus contains many germs and bacteria. All those germs get wrapped around vibrating butt plugs as you put it in. It might get dirty and stinky too and that’s why you should not store it without cleaning. Get out of the bed and use warm and soapy water to clean that sex toy. That’s how you can maintain its quality for prolonged periods.

You should always choose vibrating butt plugs made of a non-porous material. Do not buy butt plugs made of jelly and rubber because these are porous materials. These are quite hard to clean because germs get sucked inside pores of such material.

Silicone, steel, glass, and PVC are non-porous materials. Choose vibrating butt plugs made of these materials. It will be much easier to clean and maintain for a long time. You should also ensure your butt plug is waterproof. It will be very difficult to clean that vibrating butt plug if it is not waterproof. Besides you cannot apply water-based lubes over it. So, avoid such risks and make sure you are using a waterproof sex toy.

Do not share your vibrating butt plugs:

You should never share your sex toys with your friend or partner, especially vibrating butt plugs. This sex toy goes directly into the rectum. It can get infected and the danger of transmitting infections would be much higher. You would never like to fall sick just because of using an infected sex toy. That’s why you should not share that vibrating butt plug. Let your friend or partner get his sex toy to feel the pleasure together.

Final thoughts:

You can get two types of vibrating butt plugs. The first type of butt plug would feature a vibrating bullet and another one would offer a built-in motor. Choose one with the built-in motor because you can change vibration intensity and experience an extreme pleasure. It is also designed to be more durable and effective. Therefore, you will never worry about its safety.

Silicone-made vibrating butt plugs are extremely durable, but it silicone-based lube can damage it. Therefore, it sexperts always suggest to not apply silicone-based lubes over silicone sex toys. Listen to their advice because they have already committed those mistakes. Follow all the guidelines shared in this post and your vibrating butt plug will remain safe for a long time.

You can always check LG guides and tips, if you want to see more quality products, and care guides.