Reasons to use Lube the next time you’re getting intimate

Many people think of artificial lube or even coconut oil as a last resort in emergency situations when they aren’t able to achieve natural lubrication. However, there is a massive choice of sexual lubricants that you can use to improve nearly any sexual activity and enhance your pleasure! Check out some naughty reasons why you should use lube the next time you’re getting intimate!

Lube Can Be Used by Anyone and for Anything

Firstly, you don’t have to be a “typical” lubricant user or a full-on pervert to enjoy this adult product. Artificial personal lubricants can improve sex regardless of the activity, sexual orientation, and gender. Lube works wonders for all kinds of sexual acts, from intercourse to solo sex and masturbation. You can apply it to any part of your body! Then, you can use it generously to increase stimulation and improve your sex life.


Simply try lube during sex or apply it to any erogenous zone to reap its benefits! Plus, if you love sex toys, lube is highly recommended. It can make penetration with sex toys feel more realistic, and it can maximize your pleasure.

Additionally, quality lubricants are made of medical-grade materials. These materials are safe to use internally as well as externally. There are three main types of artificial lube. That includes silicone-based, oil-based, and water-based lubricants. Silicone and oil-based lubes are thicker. They provide a smoother feel while lasting longer. They are usually recommended for anal penetration and for other dry areas.


However, these types of lubes can damage certain sex toys. For example, silicone lube can degrade silicone sex toys. Instead, you can use water-based lube. This is the most widely used type of lube, and it’s suitable for most sex acts.

It Can Enhance Pleasure

The biggest benefit of lube is that it reduces friction while enhancing stimulation. Unfortunately, most people view it as a last resort when natural lubrication isn’t available. Yet, you can use lubricant at any point during sex.


If you apply it on a condom during vaginal penetration, it can create a more realistic feeling. It relieves some of the pressure of the condom and makes sex feel natural. If you are alone, lubricant can also create a more realistic feeling during masturbation with your hands. Also, it can enhance the sensations around the clitoral area and eliminate vaginal dryness. It’s also essential for sex with artificial vaginal, anal, or oral masturbators.

If you want to boost your sensations even further, try some lubricants that offer an extra feature or two. For example, a warming or cooling lube heats up or cools down when applied. Alternatively, you can try flavored lube during oral sex to make everything go down much more smoothly. Tingling lube is also a fantastic option for teasing and for a slightly itchy feeling that could tickle just the right spots. Another popular type of lubricant can delay ejaculation while prolonging an erection.

It’s Ideal for Anal Sex

When most people think of lube, they think about anal sex or anal play. Using lube for anal is an absolute must! This is because the anus isn’t naturally lubricated. It doesn’t get naturally wet like a vagina, which means that doing it “dry” is out of the question.


What’s more, many people who dislike anal have probably experienced discomfort during their first time. There’s a big chance that they didn’t use enough lube! Applying lube to this tight and friction-prone area can decrease the pressure significantly. That way, it will make anal sex feel much more pleasurable for the receiver. You should also use lube on butt plugs, anal dildos, prostate massagers, anal beads, and similar toys.


Another reason why lube is so important for backdoor adventures is related to your health. Namely, the lining of the anus is incredibly thin. If it’s too dry during penetration, the anal wall can develop small tears. Penetration without lube can cause anal fissures. They could become infected and lead to serious health issues. The receiver could also experience bleeding, lots of pain, or even hemorrhoids. However, if you use lube, you’ll stop that from happening while simultaneously improving your pleasure!

It Can Make Sex Safer

Speaking of sexual health, lube isn’t only good for reducing friction inside the anus. It can relieve any tension during penetration and make in/out movements feel much smoother.


However, this isn’t only intended to make you feel good. Lube can lower the risk of any internal injuries during penetration. Sometimes, inserting foreign objects (i.e., sex toys), fingers, or a penis into a vagina could also cause internal tears. That could damage the vaginal tissue and lead to infections.


Using lubricant can minimize those risks significantly. What’s more, lubricant can encourage safe sex while using condoms. It prevents the condom from rubbing against dry areas. This lowers the chances of the condom breaking or falling off. That way, lube can protect you against unwanted pregnancies or STIs. However, while some lubes have spermicidal properties, you shouldn’t use them as contraceptives.


As you can see, there are so many different lube types and ways to use them! That’s why you shouldn’t think of lube as a last-ditch effort, and you should definitely try it during all of your sexual activities! So get some lube today and have fun!