Urethral Sound Devices and Sex Oil

Urethral Sound Devices and Sex Oil

Dilatation of the urethra: how to take pleasure?


In male sexuality, there are practices that may seem surprising. But it is not so! The dilation of the urethra is one of them. Indeed, beyond its wild side, it is a real practice entered in the man’s way of life and especially in the Gay and Hard SM environment. Urethral dilation is practiced more and more. The reasons are simple pleasure provided by the movements of the urethral probe.

This is not surprising since the urethra is one of the erogenous zones of the male body. Even though the place is thin and fragile, the inside of the penis activates stimulation.

A definition of dilation ureter

This sexual practice consists in gradually widening the urethra using an accessory called Plug Penis or Ureter Rod (available on the gay sex shop). This spacing allows the object to pass and give the sensations. The habit makes the urethra become more and more “stretchy” and supple and the excitement increases as the sessions are done with larger objects. However, practice can be done by piercing sex dolls.

What is pleasant about the dilation of the urethra is playing with the entrance, pushing the walls with the stem and making movements of entry and exit. Bring the catheter fully into the penis and out only with the contractions of the urethra.


This practice should be done with great care and only if you are already used to the use of probe. Do not try to realize it if you are beginners and if you do not know how to proceed. Study the information about how to choose an urethra sound for a beginner and also take expert advice for a good urethral dilation.

Before you start

The practice of dilatation urethral is not a trivial act and it is advisable to follow some precautions. Here are the details:

  • Sit comfortably and keep all the essentials close at hand. The best is to be in a quiet, semi-reclining position to keep maximum control over what you are doing;
  • Clean the probe before use with antifungal and antibacterial disinfectant so as not to cause infection;
  • The use of the urethral plug is preferably done with gloves: in all cases you have to keep your hands clean;

The beginning of the dilatation

To be able to perform a good dilation of the urethra, se experts suggest you to use a sterile penis shaft gel. It is deposited on the meatus. You can start it with your finger so that it covers the top of it. The gel is also placed on the dilator urethra rod on the desired height for depression.

In order to prepare yourself even better, you can “titillate” the opening of the urethra with your finger at the beginning and with the gel very slowly, especially if you are a beginner in the use of the stem urethra. If you’re a beginner, might as well visit www.lustplugs.com

The insertion of the stem into the urethra: This is done in 2 steps!

First of all, sex experts advise you to hold your erect penis straight in front of you and to insert the dilation accessory. Never force on and listen to your body. At the slightest pain, stop and go back up, before starting again slowly.

Then it happens that the stem is blocked and you could not go further. This is the curve of the urinary canal. In this case, tilt your penis with the utmost care and continue the descent. If you feel pain, stop right away.

The passage from the stem to the urethra is easy for guys who have a straight sex. When you have a curved sex, you sometimes have to play a little with the incline to find the right path to the bladder and where the stimulation of the urethra is most important.

During the dilation session

If the probe falls, expert recommend that you clean it before resuming your action;

  • Do not put the probe on you. Keep it always in your hand.
  • In case of pain too intense or if you notice bleeding (the probe comes out with blood stain or the gel becomes pink), it is necessary to stop immediately the use of the stem and the dilatation session of the urethra.

After the session

The passage of the rod in the urethra can cause friction, even with the gel. It is therefore not surprising to feel pain after removing the urethra plug. These pains can persist for a few hours or days and are especially evident when urinating. The passage of hot urine in the canal is painful. As you get used to it, this feeling of pain should fade.

Sexologists advise you to:

  • Clean the urethral catheter with a disinfectant, antifungal and antibacterial;
  • Keep the urethral dilator in a clean, dry place, free of dust and light.

These urethral probes, mainly made of metal, are a real plus in the desire to dilate the urethra because they are long and allow the urethral to be removed after multiple back and forth. The purchase of one of these urethra rods is essential before any other purchase to carry out your desire for dilation ureter.

Ureter stems packs

There are also lots of probes ranging from the smallest diameter to the largest to grow at the desired rate and perfect its expansion. These packs are ideal for beginner dudes who are resolutely motivated to insert a plug in the penis. Each stem has a diameter. It is therefore easier to evolve and choose the probe of the moment according to the desire. This gives you a progressive challenge to insert bigger and bigger. For beginners, expert advises you instead to go on straight metal probes of small diameter. The Pack will then be an opportunity to make you a gift on the gay sex shop!

For the beginners it may seem very painful but once you find the exact point start lubricating it by massaging you will feel the heavenly treat. It will make you forget everything and you will be lost in a world of sensations. With this process both the straight and gay couples can enjoy ultimate orgasm just like Kegel massage. But as this comes with a huge risk you should not hurry. Be calm, enjoy foreplay with your partner then start the process slowly.