Anal Training Is Easier With Oil

Anal Training Is Easier With Oil

Training For Women “Anal Sex with Pleasure”

Despite the fact that we live in the century of a seemingly accomplished sexual revolution, yet every man dreams to be with us first. Anal sex just gives a man to realize this opportunity through a sense of virginity of what is happening. Your lover will receive a gift: to become and be the first there, where not every (even fatal) woman is ready to accept it. You will be able to embody his main sexual fantasy! This “forbidden” type of sex is direct evidence that you fully trust your partner in bed, giving him such a personal gift. All men understand that if a partner chose one of his for the first time to decide on a similar form of sex, then he is really the best lover in her life. And it is important for men to feel the best. For the sake of the woman who gives this feeling, the man is ready for everything. What if it is with you that he can go beyond the limits of all prohibitions?

What to Come to the Training?

Training “Anal sex with pleasure” can take place on rugs or at tables. When recording, the administrator will prompt you to tell you how the training will take place, and where you should come. Experts ask to leave phones and personal belongings in our special storage boxes. Before the start you will receive a compliment from the training center – champagne.

How is the Training Going?

For you will be prepared: educational materials, pens and notes for notes. Of course, there will be no intimate manipulations at the training. The training is held in the format of an interactive lecture. The trainer explains how to properly prepare for anal sex, in what postures and how often they can be engaged. Practical exercises are given for recording and are performed at home. If something is not clear to you at the lesson, do not hesitate to ask and clarify, the coach will help you to understand. Champagne and good mood are included in the cost of classes.

The Training Program

In anal training program you can learn below things:

  • Techniques to avoid pain and eliminate the unpleasant effects of anal sex solving the problem of courage and moral fluctuations
  • Rules and effective methods that will help prepare for anal penetration.
  • Secrets of arousal before and during anal sex
  • Training helps to know the technical details that make anal sex not just painless but even enjoyable.
  • Breathing exercises to help prepare and maintain comfort.
  • Techniques for relaxation and muscle relaxation.
  • The benefits of anal sex and its main subtleties
  • Hygiene issues
  • The main reasons for the male lust for anal sex and what is worth agreeing to and what is not
  • The complete guide to the actions of men Game info and foreplay to create frenzied excitement and enjoyment
  • Unique massage techniques that help prepare and relax muscles to rid you of unpleasant sensations.
  • Points G, K and other erogenous zones
  • Orgasm during anal sex
  • Rules for recovery after anal sex and many others!

Anal sex: what should we know about him?

Even now, in times of sexual freedom, the topic of anal sex remains taboo for many women. This is largely due to the lack of information on this topic. The sexologists receive questions from people who are interested in why men are so attracted to this type of intimate relationship, what should be done so as not to experience painful sensations during intimacy.

Anal sex – even now a rather closed topic, it is not customary to speak about it out loud. This is one of the main reasons why men have such a lively interest in this form of intimacy. After all, people, in principle, are interested in everything that is in the society under a ban; remember at least a “dry law”. And when a man engages in anal sex, he passes a certain facet of what is permitted, which certainly excites him. The second important factor is the pleasant physiological sensations that men experience during anal sex (the anus is narrower and differs from the vagina in structure).

To prepare oneself for anal sex, of course, it is possible, and even necessary, so that during intercourse you do not get injured. It is important to remember three basic rules. First, for preparation it is best to use not fingers, but intimate toys.

Anal plug or anal herringbone with or without vibration. See the toys available in

Only a toy will give the desired effect the gradual expansion and addiction of the anus to the sensations. Secondly, to avoid injury, during intercourse and to prepare for it does not feel sorry for the lubricant, because the anus, unlike the vagina, does not emit a natural lubricant. When preparing for anal sex, apply a silicone-based lubricant on the rhinestone (stopper) and insert it into the anus with slow circular motions. You do not need to take any special poses – just lie on the bed and relax. To create the appropriate atmosphere, you can turn on music for relaxation. Removing the anal plug should be slow, avoiding sudden movements and the effect of “champagne cork”. It is best to do this no later than 10 minutes before sex. In this case, the anus will keep shape which gave him a rhinestone, and you will not experience discomfort during the penetration of a man. The same effect has an anal Christmas tree, which has a conical shape. The third rule – takes your time and let your man forget everything he saw in first porn.

On the Internet, you can find tips on cleansing the intestines before engaging in anal sex with an enema. However, the abuse of this method can lead to a violation of the intestinal micro-flora and, consequently, to symbiosis. If you are afraid that not everything is clean in your intestines, you can use an anal herringbone as a litmus test that will let you know that everything is not in order. In addition, before anal sex, it is better not to eat vegetables, fruits and stomach-relaxing products. If you are still afraid of getting into an awkward situation, then it is better to go to the toilet and after that calmly engage in anal sex.

Is it possible to engage in alternate anal and vaginal sex for one sexual intercourse? Is it safe?

Of course, during one sexual intercourse you can combine different practicing types of sex. The main thing, do not forget about intimate hygiene – moving from anal to vaginal sex, be sure to change the condom. Or invite a partner to take a shower together – this will not only wash away unwanted micro-flora after anal sex, but also add diversity to your intimate relationships.