Using Oil On Your Vibrators

Using Oil On Your Vibrators

Sexy spots that will get even better with a vibrator

Do you or your girlfriend have a vibrator? If this is your case, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s not just for masturbating; you can play with your vibrator and make some common sexual positions fantastic!

Here are several sexual positions that you absolutely must do tonight with a vibrator. If you do not have one already, run for one, because with him, you’ll have the best part of fucking you’ve ever lived. If you followed well, you would understand that the two holes will be blocked.

Before trying these new techniques, expert advise you to talk to your girl to ask if she agrees to play this way. If she accepts, pray all you have, because you are probably one of the luckiest men on earth! Take into consideration that not all women are ready to do that, so do not judge her if she refuses your advances.

The Doggy Style

It must be said that this position may not please everyone, especially the most romantic ones. During other areas, like the classic missionary, you can look and kiss your partner, but with the puppy, the thing becomes more complicated. In this position, the woman must put herself ‘on all fours’, and the man must stand on his knees behind her, adjusting his height to that of his hips. Thus, man has total control over penetration, speed or rhythm, something that can become very erotic.

The posture, as it could not be otherwise, offers very intense sensations: with it a fierce penetration is achieved, it allows to quickly reaching the G-spot and, depending on the angle, also other sides of the vagina, which implies a pleasure unequalled. At the same time, it makes the man have direct access to the clitoris, being able to stimulate it during the penetration. If you’re shy, do not feel intimidated!

The puppy’s posture is also fantastic to be carried away at the moment since there is no eye contact, you will not have to worry about your facial expressions while having sex, which for many women can be a headache.


The sexual encounter between couples has an infinity of variants regarding postures, from the riskiest to the most traditional. However, there is a position that specialists define as forced: the missionary. It is not by chance that you start with this position of the mechanical character. When the game of love begins, intending to an erotic encounter, the bodies are almost spontaneously looking for that position.

The 69

Start with the preliminaries. The man and the woman are lying face to face on one side, or one on both hands on the back and the other on top. Both enjoy genital caresses.

The Andromache

He lay on his back, and she sat on top of him to control the situation!

This posture stimulates everything you want! You are the one who chooses the inclination of your body. Depending on the angle, the point G, the point A, or any other erotic point will stimulate you! Is not it great? Besides, you are the one who controls the movements of the swing, and of the pauses; what more could you want?

It is intended for those who want to take turns and set the pace. Those who like to give and receive act and then let go, and vice versa. For those who wish equality and the sharing of tasks in the couple. It is also suitable for those who want to smile and look each other in the eye during those moments of pleasure. And for men who ejaculate too fast! This position tends to restrain them while still feeling pleasure.

She can lie on him, as in the missionary’s position in reverse. The contact of the bodies becomes more intimate, but sexual contact is less stimulating since the penetration angle is fixed.

The Spoon

Both remain to lie on the same side. The woman’s back is against the man’s chest. The vaginal penetration from behind is usually quite thick, so it is pleasant for both.

This is for those who do not want that day to try other feats and prefer affection and tenderness. For those who feel tired, but they want to make love. When returning late from a night out, it can be a good choice!

To feel more pleasure, the woman can lean forward. Your back no longer touches your partner’s chest, but gets a more intense pleasure! Since the penetration is much broader.

Except these basic positions below variations of sex position with vibrators makes all the difference! Hard to believe, how many vibrators can transform your sex life! See for yourself by trying these familiar poses in a new treatment!

1. Permissiveness

Sit in the position of “spoons”, throws back the top leg over his thigh and let it stimulate your clitoris vibrator, while he is in you.

2. X factor

Lie on your side facing each other. Let him enter you, then lean back so that your bodies form the letter X. So it will be more convenient for him to stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator.

3. Cumin 60 seconds

Find furniture that is suitable for height – a table, an armrest or a chest of drawers – and sit on the edge, spreading your legs and leaning back. He enters you, and you help yourself with a vibrator.

4. Hidden vibrator

Stand at the edge of the bed, resting on the mattress with one hand. He enters you from behind, and with your second hand, you stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator at your discretion.

5. Slip

Standing in the bath, put one foot on its edge, and put your hand around his neck. Let him enter you, and you stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator, which should be waterproof.

6. Fly with me

Lie on your back with a large pillow under your buttocks. He enters you, holding his legs and wide apart. You throw back your head and help yourself with a vibrator.

7. Bone for a dog

Lie down on your stomach with a large, hard pillow. As long as he comes back to you, to find the best position for the vibrator on the pad so, that it pressed against your clitoris.

8. The world’s best lover

Let him lie on his back, and you sit between his legs and give him a blowjob, pressing the vibrator against his crotch, just below the testicles and continue to work on his penis and watch, as it beats in ecstasy.

9. Busy rider

Ride him on top in the pose of a passenger, facing him. This will provide him with a gorgeous view of your chest and hips, and you stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator, even more exciting it.

10. Barrier

Facing each other, lift one foot on his thigh, and though he holds her hand. While you lean your free side on the table or chest of drawers, let him take the vibrator and work on your clitoris.