Sex On Furniture With Oil

Sex On Furniture With Oil

Sex on the Furniture: Best place to hide your secrets

Sex on furniture is the motto. Here we subject couch, table & Co. to the sex test and tell you which sex position is perfect for which piece of furniture.

Anyone can have sex in bed. It is much more exciting to love each other across the apartment. After all, there are many pieces of furniture that are perfect for a little rendezvous. Be it the old classic: the washing machine (with or without spin), or rather unfamiliar furniture, such as the hammock or a chaise longue.

Which furniture is particularly suitable and which piece of furniture has which advantages and disadvantages? Here is a little sex guide right across the apartment. After that you will certainly buy your furniture for other reasons

Sex on furniture: on the sofa

How it works: Either you make a classic missionary position on the side of the sofa, either with him or with her above. Or you decide for the cross version, where he sits normally on the couch. Then she can either treat him orally or sit on him.

Difficulty level: Absolutely suitable for beginners, blue knees definitely nobody picks up here and the cuddle factor is (depending after sofa model) extremely high.

Sex on furniture: on the washing machine

This is how it works: It sits on the front edge of the washing machine; it is in front of it. She wraps her legs around him and off you go. If you like, you can use the spin cycle and enjoy the extra moves. Of course he can also sit on the machine and she sits down on his lap.

Suitable positions:  The padlock at a right angle

Difficulty level: If you get over it in the middle of the kitchen, you may already have noticed how solid and solid a washing machine is therefore also for beginners.

Sex on furniture: carpet fun

That’s how it works: The term carpet slut gets a much nicer meaning! Unfortunately, such a carpet has its pitfalls. Depending on how rough the material is, the person lying down can get a few scratches and if it is lying down, it will be very hard, so without mattress. Nevertheless, sex on the carpet is usually wonderfully spontaneous. Go for it!

Suitable positions: The loafer and The clamp handle Comfort

Difficulty level: Easy, if you know the right positions.

Sex on furniture: On the kitchen counter

How it works: She sits comfortably on the edge of the worktop, he stands in front of her and you’re ready to go. Snacking in the kitchen is finally allowed here. This is similar to sex while standing or in the shower- only much more comfortable for him, because he does not have to hold her weight. Only the hanging cabinets disturb. If necessary, simply move to the washing machine. This is also a good place for hiding sex furniture.

Suitable positions:  The erotic V and The padlock

Difficulty level: Quite simply

Sex on furniture: noble on the chaise longue

This is how it works: The only difficulty: Not everyone owns a chaise longue. The rest is very easy. Similar to the sofa, you can have sex here or there in all possible variations. The side backrest is a perfect back support, while the legs have plenty of space and freedom on the open side. The sumptuous upholstery and elegant chic of such a chaise longue will definitely make you feel like a (sex) queen.

Suitable positions: The biplane and The Lotus seat

This is how it works: Ideally, please clean up dangerous, painful objects first. But in the impetuous lovemaking every pile of annoying worksheets and to-do lists from the table to fuck, should be plenty of fun. Otherwise, on the desk is actually quite a lot. Missionary, butterfly, doggy-style everything can be done in that pleases.

Suitable positions:

  • Right angle
  • The bewitching butterfly

Difficulty level: average / standard

Sex on furniture: spinning on the swivel chair

How it works: Once boss and secretary play? Please take a seat. For this he sits down on the chair while she sits forward or backward on him. Then it’s rolling and loving across the room. Hold on tight and let’s go!

Suitable positions: Limbo Love and The Amazon

Difficulty level: Quite what speed junkies.

Sex on furniture: exhilarating in the hammock

This is how it works: In such a swinging bed it is difficult to find any fixed position. It says: hold on to each other and off the post. Due to the arched shape, only people without back damage can try missionary positions. The rest tries it sideways and looks in love with his eyes. The romance factor is high in any case. The adversity-and-fall factor, unfortunately, too.

Suitable positions: The Zen break and The Close-up

Difficulty level: Attention! High!


Sex on furniture: chair fun

This is how it works: Like on the chair, many beautiful positions are possible here. Be it that she sits down on him or with her back to him. The Kama sutra offers many possibilities here. And in contrast to the hard chair, the variant here is much more pleasant and cuddly.

Matching Positions: Limbo Love and the Amazon

Difficulty Level: Low

No other piece of furniture symbolizes eroticism and sexuality better than the bed. But the days when people only had fun in bed are long gone. More and more couples are looking for pleasurable places at home, which are located away from the bedroom. And more and more rely on pieces of furniture that do not belong to the usual furnishings such as a table or armchair.

Especially men like to live out their sexual fantasies outside the bed. When it comes to eroticism, then the men like to stay behind the stove and in the kitchen. For women, the bed remains the most popular for sex. Click through our slideshow!

With sex furniture you bring – if you want that – also some “tougher” love in your apartment. Relaxation and intimacy are known as creative sex positions – in the eye of the beholder. For example, you can buy your own sex sofas with integrated love toys. They are made of foam or inflatable and after the lovemaking easy to clear away.

For people who are interested in sexual experimentation, the “Zeppelin Pillow” catapults the sex experience into the air. The pillow is almost as long as a bed. Now imagine that you experience hot sex on it. The same is available as mattress sets or table – use and then put away again.