Sex Dolls and Sex Oil

Sex Dolls and Sex Oil

How to Enjoy Sex Life with Sex Dolls

When you are told sex and doll, you think of inflatable dolls? In America, people think of hyper realistic silicone dolls.

You may have an idea about the love dolls phenomenon in America. Created by the Americans company Orient Industry, these silicone dolls dubbed “Dutch wives” in America are so realistic that the Americans media are convinced that if you buy one, you will never need a girlfriend.

The silicone used during the creation of the dolls allows a sensation of touch of the skin very realistic and it is also possible to articulate them.

Technological advances have made these dolls more and more realistic, to such an extent that they are now mass-marketed in some countries, such as America, where more than 2,000 human-sized silicone dolls are sold every year: many Americans people live with their “baby doll”. But Western countries are not left out. For many years, this phenomenon intrigues and fuels the fantasies of many men.

Beginning of the industry

In 2002, a report of the show Aléas is interested in this new fashion. A German artist living in Bavaria devotes himself entirely to the making of these humanoids, striking with realism. One of his concerns is to find an adequate way to warm the body of his dolls. An American user explains indeed the importance of the heating of the silicone in the winter.

The use of these dolls is sometimes very disturbing. Gordon, an American in his forties, introduces us to his “baby doll”, which has the features of a teenager in her fifties. This is exactly the model he wants. He is aware that in real life, he could not legally have a relationship with a girl of this age, but the doll allows him to live his fantasy. He dresses his model, spends time with her, watching television with him. A relationship taken very seriously that seems to fill Gordon.

If the realism of these dolls is accurate, their idea goes back to the dawn of time. Idea that may seem shocking at first, but we can indeed bring the myth of Pygmalion dolls sold in sex shops. This is the thesis defended by this journalist working on the subject: Since the beginning of historical times, the male imagination is filled with stories of women created from scratch, either by the Gods or by men.

Sex dolls would promote social ills and sexually transmitted infections.

Relationship with sex doll promotes STIs and social isolation, according to findings from a study published in the medical journal BMJ Sex Reprod Health. This industry is booming is already estimated at 30 billion US dollars.

Researchers conducted a survey to understand the effects of using inflatable dolls. They observed that these accessories do not allow any reduction of crimes or violence related to sex. Health professionals have noticed adverse effects on health. Indeed, developing the consumption of dolls would generate an image of “objects for misogynist”, intensifying the physical violence.

Contrary to popular belief, this practice considered masturbatory would cause isolation with the illusion of having a substitution satisfaction and increase sexually transmitted infections. These plastic characters are often in poor condition resulting in injuries and infections. As the cleaning methods are not very clear and the followers do not use condoms, they multiply the contacts with bacteria.

Soon, interested customers will be able to sleep with a sex doll in a Toronto mall. As these types of dolls are increasingly real, it is not surprising that certain companies want to recreate a brothel, replacing sex workers with ultra-realistic silicone replicas.

Aura Dolls, the company behind the “brothel,” says on its website that it’s vision is to give you a new and exciting way to meet your needs, without the many restrictions and limitations that a real couple can offer you.

The business is scheduled to open on September 8 at an address that appears during the reservation process. Currently allows customers to select between six female dolls, each with a full profile. The ages of the dolls are in between 21 and 24 years old and include each every detail details of human figure. The profiles also indicate that her breasts are “natural”. The profiles undoubtedly aim to show a certain air to human qualities, such as hobbies or jealousy.

Prices range from $ 80 for 30 minutes with a doll and $ 960 for four hours with two dolls, according to the Aura Dolls fare page, which also indicates that the company will launch different monthly packages in the future. The company’s website indicates that there are separate entrances to exit and enter, to ensure privacy: customers enter through the back and exit using an intercom.

According to reports, customers will not interact with any staff member during their visit. They put their money on the counter and go directly to their room; instead, customers are monitored through cameras when they arrive. The doll will be waiting for you in your room.

American activists protested against a similar settlement in Paris this month. The sex doll brothel, Xdolls, allows customers to rent a sex doll for hours. The protesters compared the act of lying with silicone dolls to the degradation of women and rape.

It is not a new argument. Since people, mostly men, have created machines in the image of their ideal woman, their detractors have questioned the ethics of making those gender stereotypes a reality. The most notorious element of this trend is not simply those humiliating products, but their problematic creators.

Undoubtedly, there is an uncomfortable Pygmalion type relationship that underpins the whole idea of ​​sexual robots, particularly since the development of technology is largely one-sided and apparently focused on the satisfaction of direct male desire. But the emphasis here is on abstract damage; it is essentially a treatment of the symptoms rather than the cause. Reducing a woman to a silent receptacle to satisfy certain fantasies has nothing to do with robotics but with the lack of male imagination.

It does not matter which of the two arguments you choose, the grand opening of Aura Dolls next month indicates that this trend does not seem to go to less. Hopefully it is not a trend largely dominated by harmful stereotypes aimed exclusively at heterosexual men.