Use Sex Swings with Oil For Pleasure

Use Sex Swings with Oil For Pleasure

How to enjoy sex with swing and erotic places to hide your secret

Installing a swing for sex is like hanging a shelf. You have to drill a hole in the ceiling instead of a wall. Before grabbing your tool belt, you need to decide where to place the swing. Most couples choose their bedroom for privacy, but it can be quickly put elsewhere. Just make sure you have some open space around the area for easy access. There is a lot of movement in sex on the swing. Once you’ve chosen a place, it’s time to gather your tools. You will need the following elements:

  • Stairs
  • Bulk finder
  • Perforator
  • Drill
  • A bolt
  • Pliers

Place your ladder under the site and use your beams finder to locate the centre of the beam where you want to hang the swing. Drill a small hole approximately 6 cm deep in the centre of the joist. Screw the bolt into the pole as far as it will go. You will probably have to use tweezers or a handle for this.

Hang your pin swing and give it a soft test. Start by pressing down with your hand to make sure of everything. Then go up in it and start swinging back and forth to try it. Do not be shy it’s better to find any problem now. As long as everything works well, your swing is ready for action.

If you do not have a beam finder, you can find a beam in an old way by hitting your knuckles against the ceiling. Just keep beating until you reach a point that sounds solid. To make sure you found a beam, put a small nail in place. If you can take it out, then you are in the wrong place. If you cannot remove it, later you have found a joist. Now you need to find the centre of the beam. Place two more on the roof of one on each side of the first and try to eliminate them. Continue experimenting as necessary until you have found the exact measurements of the beam. Next, mark the centre of the shaft, which is the most active part of the structure. If your swing does not come with a bolt, then you can easily find what you need at a home improvement store.

Hide your erotic secrets

Sex experts created a makeup line that conceals various sex toys. It is a lipstick, shine for the mouth, eyelash and a mirror. They hide vibrators, lubricants and creams to stimulate the clitoris with heat or cold.

Erotic makeup

Sex experts created a makeup line that conceals various sex toys. It is a lipstick, shine for the mouth, eyelash and a mirror. They hide vibrators, lubricants and creams to stimulate the clitoris with heat or cold.  They give a new meaning to pleasure and travel, allowing women to conceal their most intimate accessories in style and anywhere.The eyelash offers three speeds and eighty minutes of vibration. Besides, it is resistant to water. The lipstick acts as a vibrator with the flexible tip, while the Balm is a stimulating balm elegant and discreet. It resembles shadows for the eyes, and its flavour is cinnamon.The sexy compact mirror is a minicage that hides a vibrator with its spare batteries.

An egg to masturbate

The Egg offers unusual sensations, they are very elastic and adapt perfectly to all sizes. Merely unwrap it, lubricate it, place it on the glans, stretch it down and you’ll see how your knees tremble with this incredible tactile experience.

An erotic chess

The sex toys company created chess where each of the 32 pieces of play has a hidden function. It’s a unique product, a luxury that combines strategy and sensuality. This design could go unnoticed in the living room of a house.

Tools for an imaginary adventure

This kit contains nine tools that can be used to create an unreal experience. They leave marks on the body such as bites, burns, marks of slavery, scratches and blows. Also traces of perfume and lipstick.

Vibrating lamp and sex toys

The young sex designer created a series of everyday objects that serve for pleasure. Among his creations is a lamp for the night table with a hidden dildo at its base. He also thought about camouflaging him in a fish tank.

A beer that includes a vagina

The idea of ​​this beer came up in America. It promises a realistic and natural feeling. It is, washable and manageable. It comes in a golden packaging and with lubricant included.

The donate to stimulate men and women

It is available in orange, pink and green. It weighs 250 grams and offers up to one hour of vibrations. It is flexible and versatile, as it is specially designed to massage the erogenous zones.

The most exotic places to hide your toys!

With what do you satisfy your lonely sexual fantasies? Imagine carrying with you always your most erotic toys where would you hide them? Here you will get an idea about tips on keeping your sex swing/sling hidden. So that nobody knows that you have them on top of them and besides, you always have the morbid on mode.

You want to spend it at home, resting and relaxed without anyone bothering you. Youwant to throw yourself on the couch, and you do not want to know anything about your boy. You will only need your favourite erotic sex sling. But there is a problem, and that is that you have to go to a lot of places before you close the stores, you have to go through your best friend’s house and go to pick up your mother at work.

Come on, and you have so little time to do so few things that your plans to spend a pleasant afternoon alone can already be forgotten: No vibrators? Are you sure about it? Because if you had not thought about it. You can take them on without them being noticed and still feel the pleasure you wanted to explore.

Therefore, it is time to know the hottest places where you can hide your vibrator. Neither your friend nor your mother will notice, and you can be with a smile all afternoon without anyone knowing.

So grab the keys, get ready for all those errands that you have to do and do not forget these beautiful areas. One option is to wear a full shirt and put the vibrator on your chest. There nobody will know that you wear it and the same vibration, although the slight notes, it will make you tingle that you will like very much.

Continuing below you can also put it inside the underwear but without getting to introduce it inside you. The simple contact will make you shudder with pleasure.

And as a third option, there goes the strongest only suitable for daring, risky and for those who bet with everything. Maybe your mother, in the end, suspects something strange; when you see that you cannot stop laughing. Exactly do you remember how you wanted to enjoy your afternoon? Well, do not ever take off your toy and you’ll see how many emotions you experience, of course, you need to be well prepared!

Those who are very open in sex, these are the areas so hot to store your most erotic things without anyone knowing but making the most of the time. Feel the pleasure without losing a second!