Using Ben Wa Balls with Oil

Using Ben Wa Balls with Oil

How to choose vaginal balls

Due to age-related changes, almost all women are faced with the problem of reducing the elasticity of the vaginal muscles. The consequences of this are the most depressing: from dissatisfaction with the fact that you do not feel the penis of a partner in yourself, to the complete loss of the opportunity to receive an orgasm. And all because the muscles of the vagina loosely enclose the sexual organ of the partner, as a result of which the sensations that previously gave unforgettable emotions are dulled. As a matter of fact, not only women suffer from this, but also men who are starting to lose interest in their partner and are looking for alternative ways to get pleasure. Meanwhile, the problem is easily solved if you exercise regularly using such erotic products like vaginal balls. It does not matter whether you know the loss of elasticity of the muscles of the vagina or not; vaginal balls will improve your sex and bring benefits to health and mood! For great options, go over to

What are vaginal balls?

Vaginal balls are specially designed toys for women, designed to train the vaginal muscles and get pleasure in the process of use. The number of vaginal balls is different: from one, two or more. Balls come with a displaced centre of gravity, with a vibrating mechanism, and even with a built-in internal ball that gives a lot of pleasure when walking! The result of using different types of ben wa balls is strengthening the muscles of the vagina, easy to achieve orgasm with the sexual partner and improved stimulation of the woman during intercourse. Some shots can also be used for anal stimulation.

Vaginal balls can be used both at home and on the street. No one will know that they are inside you unless of course, you do not give yourself a satisfied smile. Being in the vagina, the vaginal balls will roll from place to place with your every movement or every step. You can do absolutely anything you want and get the necessary training and pleasure.

How does it work?

So, as you have already found out that the primary purpose of the vaginal balls is nothing more than training the muscles of the vagina. You have probably already noticed that there are quite a large number of vaginal balls, which differ in size, colour, material, and shape. Where to start training and how to conduct classes?

Training can begin with more massive, plastic balls on a string, gradually moving to heavier and smaller in size.

Starting a workout, the first thing you need to do is find the right muscles. Don’t be scared, and it’s pretty easy to do. Try to imagine the following, believe that you are trying to interrupt urination. These are the muscles that you need! To start a workout, you need to learn how to feel these muscles and learn how to reduce them. Try to hold the muscles in a “fit” state for 10 seconds and then let them rest. After a minute, repeat the exercise. When you feel that the above training is given to you with ease, proceed to practice with vaginal balls.

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Experts advise before the first use, to treat the balls with a special vaginal lubricant to eliminate the possibility of rubbing. In the future, the training scheme is the same. Gradually increase the time of muscle contraction and reduce the size of the balls. There is also another particular exercise for the vaginal muscles. For him, you will need balls that have a rope. After you put the balls inside, exhale and try to squeeze the muscles as much as possible. Next, begin to pull the cord, trying to pull the shots out, while resisting the muscles of the vagina.

At the very beginning of the training process, try to hold the balls inside for two minutes. Further, increase the time based on your inner feeling. Workout time can be as much as 5 minutes. Quite often asked and somewhat frightening question among beginners – what if the ball gets stuck inside? It may sound funny, but it happens, especially when using balls at the initial stage without ropes. If this happens, do not panic, all you need to do is lie down and relax, the ball will come out quickly.

Before and after use, the balls should be washed with warm soapy water. Also, it is always recommended to use a special lubricant-lubricant.

What are the subcategories of vaginal balls presented in our store?

Metal vaginal balls are heavy and designed specifically for women with well-trained vaginal muscles. Metal vaginal balls can be used with or without a special cord.

Plastic vaginal balls are most suitable for novice women who want to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and at the same time get their portion of pleasures during their use. Thanks to your lightweight, you can use the balls wherever you want, on a walk, at work, in a shop and any other places, without experiencing any discomfort, but only a feeling of hiding excitement.

Latex vaginal balls are recognised as the “favourite” toy of many women. The bottom line is that latex is a material that is especially pleasing to the female body, mainly when used internally. Latex vaginal balls have a fairly lightweight and are relatively easy to hold inside, while strengthening the muscles of the vagina and get a lot of new sensations.

Silicone vaginal balls are unique in their way, as they can be used by both women with well-trained muscles and beginners. Special silicone material will be pleasant to all users because a lot of sex toys are developed on its basis so that the sea of ​​new sensations during the training process is guaranteed.

Vaginal balls with vibration – this is probably the most powerful tool for training the vaginal muscles and getting an orgasm during the workout itself. Wave provides an additional stimulating effect that can give you more than one orgasm in a few minutes. Also, vaginal balls with vibration are widely used among women who want to restore vaginal tone after childbirth.

Who is the preserver?

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These are the main eminent manufacturers of sex toys in this category, but there are many others.

In other words, dear representatives of the fair sex, vaginal balls is your assistant on the way to achieving the highest point of pleasure. The shots will allow you not only to experience joy during the process of use but also will give you incredible pleasure after completing a specific training course, allowing you to experience such pleasure during sexual intercourse with a man that you could not even dream about.