Inserting Yoni Eggs With Oil

Inserting Yoni Eggs With Oil

Discovering the Mysteries of Yoni’s Egg

This country is often at the origin of an awakening towards this practice because the famous yoni egg training center.

Where does the word Yoni come from?

The word yoni in Hinduism refers to the female genital organ matrix or vulva. He is the symbol of feminine energy, also called Shakti. The Yoni concerns the entire female genital area, inside and outside, which allows us to really put a word on this sphere, often compartmentalized. It is the seat of our creative power, the time of our power and inner knowledge, but also a place where can lodge certain memories, traumas and energies.

What is the origin of this practice?

Its history goes back more than 2000 years in ancient China. The Empress and concubines were secretly initiated into the practice of the Jade Egg to strengthen the power of their sexual organ, retain their youth and beauty, but also control the excitement of the Emperor to raise energy in its higher centers. Thanks to this cosmic and superior energy he was able to make wise decisions for the kingdom.

Today, the woman is no longer forced to take second place, she is able to regain her personal power and can also use her ability to self-healing and balance, to be accompanied by better possible in his life as a free and independent woman.

Why an egg?

The egg is a symbol of life, fertility, birth and rebirth. It also represents unity, Yin and Yang, our shares of shadow and light. It symbolizes the creative energy that we are able to materialize in the world, through work on oneself, to open doors of new consciousness. Its shape makes it possible to marry perfectly the vagina, to massage the perineum and as well as to circulate the energy in him so that he can rebalance himself, as well on the physical level as energy.

What are the main benefits?

  • Taking yoni eggs while sleeping bring sweetness and awareness, in this area often abused, unloved or completely neglected.
  • Develop self-confidence, through a better knowledge of one’s body, one’s self and one’s own perceptions.
  • To transform and release one’s sexual energy, by promoting the consciousness of the latter and by reconnecting with our desire and our emotions.
  • Release our creative energies, stored in the Yoni and thus feel able to create and projects our projects in the world.
  • Release the memories of the past, clean the trans generational energies and unlock old traumas.
  • A toning of the perineum through various exercises and practices that are possible to put place every day.
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle, relieve severe menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome
  • Stimulate; get better lubrication and vaginal hydration, often related to painful memories and disruptive hormone.

There are numerous benefits of yoni eggs; it can’t be summarized in one article. Personally, it allowed you to go beyond a psychological blockage very anchored, by dramatizing practices. Sensitive to lithotherapy since always and to the effects of stones in everyday life, you can also realize their powers in this way, differently. When you wear it during the day, you feel more energetically protected, more powerful and connected to your sacred feminine. At night, pink quartz can soften a difficult day and also make dreams more lucid. Everyone will have different experiences and that’s what makes it magical!

Which size to choose?

In general, you need to opt for a medium size (4.5cm high and 3cm wide) but sometimes a large will be necessary if you gave birth or your perineum is more flexible. The little one, it will be rather advised to the experienced women, because you will see that when one starts, our sensitivity is diminished because of the many years where our conscience was not connected to this zone. It will then be possible over time to reduce the size and practice the different exercises more easily.

Initially you will be scared; your mind was a mountain of the process, but with gentleness and benevolence, you will quickly realize that it was quite ok and that the cup that you wear every month during your cycle turns out to be much less friendly. It’s the most important!

Which stone to choose?

Most of the specialists advise to start with a Nephrite Jade (cheaper than the classic Jade), perfect to balance the Yin and Yang and destock the energies. The Rose Quartz can also be good to start with its gentle soothing energies. Amethyst will promote spiritual opening, deep sleep and the awakening of the sacred feminine. The aventurine is ideal for the emotional and hyper sensitive to find an emotional balance. The carnelian can restore a sexual balance and soothe the pain of rules if worn upstream. Finally Obsidian is also powerful to contact your shadows and free anger is a powerful stone, expert advises you to use it at first.

Choose your stone according to your feelings and needs. Experiment with several stones if you can and listen to what you prefer. Attention, all stones are not good to be worn internally, sometimes porous or too fragile, avoid accidents! Also make sure of the quality of the stone, the method of manufacture, do not buy without thinking, an object that you carry within your inner temple must be purchased with conscience.

Prefer an egg pierced on top to begin, so you can slip a thread and so you avoid the panic of the beginning and the fear of not being able to recover.

How to start?

Take the time to get in touch with your egg; it will be your faithful ally. Spend time with him in your hands, then at your heart and finally near your lower belly before going to explore your Yoni. Your vagina is not a temple in which one enters without knocking, softness required. Clean your Egg by immersing it in water that you have boiled upstream for about ten minutes. Some advice to boil it, other to clean it with soap, but it’s not safe because it hampers the energetic properties of the stone. You can also “clean” energy with sage, Palo Santo or incense. You can also take advantage of the moon’s rays to charge it. Tie the thread (non-mentholated floss is ideal) by looping and passing through the hole to pass the other side of the wire inside and thus fix it.

If needed and for more fluidity at the beginning, use coconut oil for lubricant and in addition it smells super good! Do not forget to wash your hands properly do not become hypochondriac as normal sexual intercourse happens very naturally and relax before spending time with your egg.

Mantak Chia and his insiders then advise to create a warm atmosphere, to create a cocoon to practice smiling inside, to breathe deeply and to relax. You can also exhale a long “Ahhh” when exhaling to accentuate the relaxation. It is then very beneficial to proceed to the opening and the connection to the heart through the self-massage of the chest in the outward to inner direction to soothe energy from the inside to the outside to energize the energy to take advantage of this moment to be in connection with yourself.

How to use it every day?

You can use it actively or passively. The active practices are often done with the wire, in order to be able to contract the perineum, then to release it, to explore the right then the left, or to make contractions during movements of feet and legs. You can also practice some gentle yoga movements to accompany the awareness of your feelings. The more experienced can also practice standing by hanging small weights at the end of the line and have fun working the muscle of the perineum but this is not the primary goal.

Passively, you can wear it all day or just a party, during a yoga class, an important appointment or love, etc. Wearing it during the day makes you feel protected and more aware of your feminine power. Wearing your egg at night can accommodate different sensations, evacuate tensions after a difficult day or use the power of crystal on sleep. If you want to go further in the practices and rituals, you should contact with the specialist.