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Anal Training Is Easier With Oil

Training For Women “Anal Sex with Pleasure”

Despite the fact that we live in the century of a seemingly accomplished sexual revolution, yet every man dreams to be with us first. Anal sex just gives a man to realize this opportunity through a sense of virginity of what is happening. Your lover will receive a gift: to become and be the first there, where not every (even fatal) woman is ready to accept it. You will be able to embody his main sexual fantasy! This “forbidden” type of sex is direct evidence that you fully trust your partner in bed, …

Using Ben Wa Balls with Oil

How to choose vaginal balls

Due to age-related changes, almost all women are faced with the problem of reducing the elasticity of the vaginal muscles. The consequences of this are the most depressing: from dissatisfaction with the fact that you do not feel the penis of a partner in yourself, to the complete loss of the opportunity to receive an orgasm. And all because the muscles of the vagina loosely enclose the sexual organ of the partner, as a result of which the sensations that previously gave unforgettable emotions are dulled. As a matter of fact, not only women suffer …

How To Use A Glass Dildo with Oil?

Guide to use a glass dildo and another type of Dildos

Nowadays glass dildos are becoming more popular because a soft glass and soft penetration mean tenfold pleasure. The majority of glass dildos are made of borosilicate glass, which is a durable, secure and durable material used in oven-safe Pyrex dishes. It can be warmed in hot water or cooled in your refrigerator or even frozen for profound temperature changes. If you don’t know how to use a glass dildo, then below guide is for you.

How to use your glass dildo like a pro?

It is not surprising that …

Inserting Yoni Eggs With Oil

Discovering the Mysteries of Yoni’s Egg

This country is often at the origin of an awakening towards this practice because the famous yoni egg training center.

Where does the word Yoni come from?

The word yoni in Hinduism refers to the female genital organ matrix or vulva. He is the symbol of feminine energy, also called Shakti. The Yoni concerns the entire female genital area, inside and outside, which allows us to really put a word on this sphere, often compartmentalized. It is the seat of our creative power, the time of our power and inner knowledge, but also a …

Are Sex Toys Hotter To Use When Used with Oil?

Tips if you want to use sex toys in the couple

Although many ladies fear that their men may feel injured and offended by a vibrator, statistics show that this is not the case. On the contrary, gentlemen seem very willing to satisfy their partners, so they automatically become open to any idea accordingly. The sex experts site offers four tips on how to use sex toys and how you can follow to make it easier for you to share sex toys.

1. Let her choose it

With such a great offer in the field, it’s impossible to know exactly …

Latex and Oil

Latex Allergy: The history and the Products to Avoid

No allergy has increased so much in the last twenty years as latex allergy. Latex is responsible for immediate reactions (contact urticarial, rhino-conjunctivitis, asthma, and anaphylaxis) and delayed reactions (allergic contact dermatitis). People at risk of sensitization are atopic, people with high exposure (health professionals and the rubber industry), patients who have undergone many operations, people with hand dermatitis. People sensitized with latex can develop reactions of cross food allergies especially with banana, avocado, chestnut and kiwi. The biochemical mechanisms have been partly elucidated with a major role of Hev b …

Sex On Furniture With Oil

Sex on the Furniture: Best place to hide your secrets

Sex on furniture is the motto. Here we subject couch, table & Co. to the sex test and tell you which sex position is perfect for which piece of furniture.

Anyone can have sex in bed. It is much more exciting to love each other across the apartment. After all, there are many pieces of furniture that are perfect for a little rendezvous. Be it the old classic: the washing machine (with or without spin), or rather unfamiliar furniture, such as the hammock or a chaise longue.

Which furniture is …

Use Sex Swings with Oil For Pleasure

How to enjoy sex with swing and erotic places to hide your secret

Installing a swing for sex is like hanging a shelf. You have to drill a hole in the ceiling instead of a wall. Before grabbing your tool belt, you need to decide where to place the swing. Most couples choose their bedroom for privacy, but it can be quickly put elsewhere. Just make sure you have some open space around the area for easy access. There is a lot of movement in sex on the swing. Once you’ve chosen a place, it’s time to gather your tools. …